Wellness coaches provide expertise in building relationships and utilizing core coaching skills that assist the client in defining values and desires, creating a plan to create change, and then maintaining the change over time. Coaches regard their clients as the expert in his/her own life, partnering with their clients using a strength-based focus and solid foundation in industry best practice.

A more concise definition: wellness coaches take inventory of, and build upon, an individual’s previously established strengths. This approach is grounded in contributions from counseling psychology, positive psychology, prevention research, social work, solution-based therapy, and motivational interviewing. The primary role of a wellness coach is to walk alongside their clients in the journey to developing awareness, accountability, and motivation for behavior change in areas related to wellness (Mayo Clinic).

Research has proven that wellness coaching is an effective medium for improving quality of life, while creating lasting change in the lives of individuals pursuing wellness goals, ranging from biometric benchmarks to stress reduction and everything in between.


Are you ready to get the support you and your family need in life with type 1 diabetes? Do you want to be the happiest, healthiest possible version of yourself? If your answer to those questions is yes, then you can benefit from wellness coaching. People seek coaching for many aspects of their health and wellness, both mental and physical, particularly all-encompassing when it comes to living with T1D. My clients come to me with an idea of the goals they want to accomplish, and then we work together to form a plan of action that leads to the life they envision. The bottom line: as a team, we will create a vision, and the steps to achieve it, with the end result of your optimum wellness achieved through sustainable behavior modification. Seeking coaching is not a bandaid or quick fix, but a declaration that you are ready and willing to change your life for the better. 


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Samantha Markovitz, NBC-HWC

Samantha Markovitz, NBC-HWC

Meet the Coach:

My name is Samantha Markovitz, founder of GraceMark. I am a national board certified health and wellness coach, Mayo Clinic-trained wellness and lifestyle coach, diabetes educator, and patient advocate, located in Orange County, California. I am also available to work with clients outside of Southern California by telephone or video conference. 

Through my personal experience with the sudden diagnosis of a life-changing chronic illness (type 1 diabetes), I discovered a significant gap in the care and support available to patients. When it came time to figure out how to live with T1 diabetes, not just stay alive, it was a difficult road. The challenges that arose ultimately motivated me to give purpose to my experience by pursuing the education needed to help others overcome their challenges and accomplish their wellness goals.

Navigating the challenge of finding resources and support can be difficult, but my clients do not have to figure it out on their own because I am with them every step of the way. Whether you are living with chronic illness or have the desire to pursue a healthy lifestyle, allow me to assist you with defining your goals, while finding information and resources that are tailored to your specific needs, so you can focus on living well. Having the support to grow through life's challenges is vital to living a full and wholesome life. I feel privileged to be able to serve my clients as a guide, utilizing my professional skills, knowledge, and firsthand experience to deliver compassionate, client-centered care, with the ultimate result found in your health and success. 

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