Insulin Nation - An Open Letter to Teachers of Students with Type 1 Diabetes

School is back in session! For families with children living with type 1 diabetes, a new school year means educating a new team of school personnel on what your child needs to be safe and ready to learn. Head on over to Insulin Nation to read and reflect on the published piece, "An Open Letter to Teachers of Students with Type 1 Diabetes". 

My hope is that you will find the information educational, and the tone towards school day caregivers to be encouraging and grateful. If this resonates with you and your family's experience, please let us know in the comments, either here on this post or on social media. Feel free to share online or print copies for your student's school care team. If you are looking for more information about ensuring your child's safety and rights are protected at school via a 504 plan, please reach out. We are on your team. 

P.S. When you visit Insulin Nation to read the article, be sure to scroll down and read the author bio for an exciting announcement--details coming soon!


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