Mark Makers

Week of February 27-March 3, 2017

And just like that, March has arrived! This week (and the transition from February into March) has simply flown by.

Of course, it might have felt like it was going at least a little slower had I not spent so much time on the phone with my insurance company. This leads us to Mark Maker #1 for this week:


1. "Inside Your Insurance Company" 

-- a video by Neil Greenhouse & Beyond Type 1

This video will be far too relatable for anyone who has ever spent an unthinkable amount of time on the phone with their insurance company just to have to hang up and try again later. T1D and other chronic illnesses require more health care than the average annual head cold. Questions come up, claims are denied, and then phone calls are made to the insurance company. What happens next depends on whether the individual on the other end is equipped and willing to help. This video would be pure comedy gold if it didn't hit quite so close to home. Oh well, better to laugh than cry!


2. The breath is the brain's remote control

Food for thought from about how our breath serves as a remote control for our brain. We've all been taught breathing exercises, but if you're curious about why they actually work, check out this piece for the details. Come for the promise of breath control tips, stay for the science. Even being aware of how important our breath is, we so easily forget when life gets busy and coping strategies go out the window. 


3. Jerry the Bear

As a child, I loved my stuffed animals. I was never a child with type 1 diabetes, having been diagnosed as an adult, but I can imagine that if I had been, having a stuffed friend with T1D might have made the journey a little easier.

Joining the ranks of such notables as JDRF's Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes®, Medtronic's Lenny® The Lion, and Omnipod System mascot Toby the Turtle™, Jerry the Bear is now available for purchase through Beyond Type 1. He is here to hang in for every injection, site change, and fingerstick check. What a loyal pal. Jerry has a companion mobile app on both Apple Store and Google Play. What a neat way for kids to practice counting carbs, monitoring blood sugar, and delivering insulin (and he looks pretty cute and cuddly too).