What's Making a Mark This Week...

So it has been a bit since you've heard from me. I am really sorry about that! Providing informative, relatable content to my readers and clients is very important to me and it is an area I am I constantly looking to improve. No excuses, but one killer explanation...there's a MAJOR piece of content (BOOK!) becoming available in the near future that I know is going to be super useful. I can't wait to share it with you! If you want to be the first to know more, fill out the form here and I'll add you to the list.  

In the meanwhile, let's ease back in with a new series I'd like to call "Mark Makers". Mark makers are news, people, places, things that are making a mark on me, so I'd like to share them with you. 

This is your typical round-up post to finish off the week. Today's post has three links. If you have feedback about it, as always, I would love to hear from you in the comments, or feel free to fill out a form on the site or email directly at samantha@gracemark.org.

With no further ado...

What's making a mark this week:

1. JDRF PEAK experts develop first-ever consensus guidelines for safe exercise in people with type 1 diabetes. 

WOAH. Really interested to see what comes out of this, as I recall the enormous challenge it was to figure out how to safely return to my active lifestyle after diagnosis. There was so little information available...I even read some outdated books that recommended very little/light exercise for people with diabetes. We can pretty solidly assume that it is common knowledge that exercise is important for everyone, but when it comes to having T1D...the benefits are endless. However, there's much to be considered when getting out in the gym, in the water, or anywhere else you like to get active. The forthcoming educational workshops that appear to be coming regionally should be a great way for us to see what the guidelines are all about and how JDRF plans to support the community in this area. 


2. Inspiration for "You're Just My Type".

This super cool T1D is out there telling the stories of people in our community. Creating awareness of type 1 for those who are not familiar, while creating connections between those of us who are all too familiar with living with this disease, photographer Laura Pavlakovich is making a difference while using her unique storytelling talent. I've had a post about her project in the works for a bit, so keep an eye out to learn more. In the meanwhile, check out the kiddo who became inspiration for "You're Just My Type". 


3. 'Can't Stop The Feeling' Cardio

This is a little bit of a throwback, but if you're looking for a few minutes of cardio and some seriously fun vibes, check out this video by the Fitness Marshall. He creates easy-to-follow cardio dance routines to hot tracks. This one is to "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake from the Dreamworks feature film Trolls. I literally cannot imagine anyone watching this video, let alone, attempting the moves, without a smile on their face.